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Make yourself ready for postpartum period

The postpartum period can be tough.
We plan for weddings. We plan for changing jobs. We plan for engagement. We plan for birth. We plan for important events. Why don’t we plan for the postpartum period?
The postpartum period is the first 6 weeks to 3 months (depending on who you ask) after the birth of your baby. During this time new parents are dealing with changing roles, identity integration, mastering new skills, never-ending items on their to do list, and learning how to take care of a new human who depends on them for EVERYTHING.


Plan exactly what support you need and where to get it in advance with this Postpartum Plan! Plan for your basic needs and write down the phone numbers of everyone you may need to call for support and information. It is also helpful to define parenting roles and expectations prior to birth. I know in the postpartum period it is hard to keep your focus on your own needs, so this is something you can fill out during pregnancy and keep on the fridge for those moments when your brain isn’t working when you don’t know what to do or who to call.

The postpartum phase should be celebrated, normalized and centered around mom recovering from birth….I hope this planner does exactly that! Use this checklist to have all the necessary things available for a smooth transition into motherhood.
You’re prepared for baby, but are you prepared for postpartum?

As expecting mothers, we spend so much time preparing for baby, that we forget to prepare for what’s about to happen to us. The 4th trimester isn’t talked about enough, and we want to change that.

How much easier would it be to care for your newborn if you

  • Knew what to expect with your postpartum body

  • Knew the tips and tricks to manage pain and speed up recovery

  • Were informed about the physical and hormonal changes that happen after childbirth

The Postpartum Handbook prepares you for everything you’re about to experience in the days and weeks following the birth of your baby. Your mind and body are about to make some drastic changes, and we want you to feel prepared and in control as you navigate the transition into motherhood.


Postpartum is not something many of us prepare for during our pregnancy

Often we focus our attention on the birth and bringing baby home and neglect the month of recovery and healing that follows. You may already have planned a week or two of help from your spouse, but postpartum requires a more specific type of care and an extended 40 day rest period to help you truly recover from pregnancy and birth. This 35+ page downloadable workbook will help you arrange help for the first forty days, build a village to help you fully heal, listen to
your intuition and gain confidence in motherhood as you fill in the pages.

 It can be difficult to remember all the changes that a mother goes through postpartum. It can even be scary experiencing certain things after just having a baby and not knowing whether the changes are normal or not. This handout is in a diagram format to make it easy to visualize and understand the bodily changes from head to toe.

It makes a great resource for new moms and expectant mothers to familiarize with postpartum changes.

Topics Covered

Being a mom has taught me to roll with the punches, so to speak. I have found that self care doesn’t require that you spend the day at the spa (although I wouldn’t turn down a spa day). But true self care is as simple as caring for yourself and meeting your needs in each moment.
Now if find that I treasure my moments of self care throughout the day because I know that they make me a better mom and help me to enjoy the journey of motherhood with my kids.
You are doing amazing, Mama! Keep taking care of you. You are worth it!

  • Beauty care for moms

  • Getting back in shape

  • Mindfullness techniques

  • Relationship Adjustments

  • How to deal with Postpartum Depression and baby blues

  • Mommycare – Solution to Physical challenges you can expect after birth.

  • Postpartum Nutrition

  • Lactation/ Feeding your baby

  • Recovery after a c-section

  • Post Birth complications

  • Baby Care- Understand your new born. And lots more

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Postpregnancy Diet plan – Veg and Nonveg

Postpartum recovery checklist

Breastfeeding guide

Diet plan for moms

Postpartum affirmations printable and much more…

Postpartum fitness

Postpartum planner

Beauty and skin care guide for moms

Make yourself ready for postpartum period.

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