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Learning in womb
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What you can do Before Birth?

What can you do during pregnancy to give your baby the best possible start in life?

Who are eligible to attend ‘Un-born Brain stimulation ‘ class?
Planning moms/ Pregnant mommies from 1 to 9 months are eligible to attend this master class.

This course tells you how to nurture your baby through communication and stimulation throughout the prenatal period.

Are you a parent who is looking for a baby who is

  • Brainy by birth

  • A calm and happy Baby

  • Do not wake up crying at night

  • Sociable and do not cling to parents.

  • Absorb information very fast

  • Stand top among other kids in this competitive world

Yes you can definitely trigger your babys hidden genius.
For a childs mind, learning and exploring is even more important than even eating or sleeping.

What is the need of attending this workshop?

Do You know? Before you are aware that you are pregnant , the fetus’s brain development already started. According to research , 80 percentage of baby’s brain development happens in mothers womb and every baby is born with infinite abilities more than any person who has ever lived on planet earth.

Brain stimulation techniques are fun based activities mainly done to improve your baby’s
curiosity, attention span , memory and nervous system development. In addition , babies who are stimulated reach developmental milestones faster , have better muscle coordination and a more secure self image. Babies of parents who attended the brain stimulation session are extraordinary performers in academics, sports and so on.

As a mom, you will learn all the techniques to trigger the various senses and will be spending 5 minutes per day for doing the simple fun based activities in order to ignite your child’s hidden genius.

What are the topics covered in this workshop ?

Benefits Noticed from Babies

  • Time frame 

    The critical time window begins at five months into pregnancy and continues until the age of two.

  • Orientation 

    Babies who received prenatal stimulation were better able to deal with the world outside the womb.

  • Movements 

    Babies on the program were often more in control of their movements after birth.

  • Emotions 

    Thanks to prenatal stimulation, babies appeared more calm, alert, and happy.

Take this wonderful time to do some positive activities, for the betterment of your baby for the rest of his life. Stimulating a Childs brain is an advance way to fill the concepts in their brains.

Gather the knowledge on this scientifically proven process with us and help your child to be born Genius! Use it or Lose it! Enroll now for an intelligent baby who already formed bond with you .

“What you sow shall you reap “