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Are you someone who is:

  • parents of children between age 0-2 years

  • Parents who want to ignite their babies' genius

Do you all know that babies form 1 million new neural connections per second?

Their development should never be a guessing game.

Take advantage of a baby’s growing brain by intervening as early as possible. A baby activity is not only fun, but it also helps your child reach important developmental milestones. 

At birth, a baby’s brain is about 1/3 the size of an adult’s brain, and within 90 days, it doubles in volume. At least one million new neural connections are made every second during the early childhood years. 

Kids start school at five, once their brain development is completed. Baby activities that promote bonding with your little one and are FUN and EASY to implement can help your baby meet those important milestones. 

Self-paced sessions are available to help babies develop communication, feeding, sensory, and motor skills.

Being a mom of two, I use to think that the babies would learn naturally without any additional help and they learn everything from school ( once they start going to school) only after completing my Child Development Consultant certification , I came to know a lot about early Brain Development and how backward our culture goes about early Learning in kids. “Genius Little Starts” video Program was started to empower the parents with all the support and research based proven techniques they need to stimulate brain development during a baby’s most crucial months of learning. Learning
through play can help your baby get off to a great start. Our session is full of real – world fun activities and beneficial tips to get your baby on the path to meaningful learning from birth to 24 months. Our motto is to unlock babys magical abilities through love and play by making the most of this precious time .

I know it’s so scary! frequent diaper changes, feeding, and over tiredness , how are you supposed to find the time (or energy) to play, read, sing, dance, and talk with your baby to improve their brain power? are you worried that you are going to waste this precious time? I hear you! Are you feeling guilty about not playing with your baby every free second. Is your house filled with all the expensive toys which your baby no longer shows interest in?

This course will stop worrying about milestones

  • Are you a busy mom or dad , who doesn’t have so much time to spend with your kids, but still want to trigger the genius in them?

  • When should baby sit up Baby not rolling over yet Are you wondering and worrying about babies milestone?

  • Nervous and worried if your baby is on track with their milestones?

  • This course will stop worrying about milestones.

  • What week does baby first smile?

Unlock your baby's Inner Genius

  • You will learn how to boost your baby's development when you can't spend a lot of time with him.

  • It's okay to not always feel like playing with your baby (that's okay, really!) How to get the most out of playtime for parents of children between 0 and 2 years old. What babies need How babies learn How to engage your baby with and without toys

  • During this course, you will- Understand the stages of the brain development of your baby Know your baby's needs - what to expect and when Strong Foundation for future learners Educational activities and everyday routine sandwich Using this program for just five minutes a day, you'll be able to inspire your baby to love books, gain words, increase communication skills, and grow into a talented and creative individual.

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Baby talking guide

Red flags for infant development

Educational Toys chart for kids (New born - 2 years)

Milestone Guide

Boost your baby's brain development without investing a lot of energy, time and money

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