Labor Management Master Class
Give Birth in Less Time with Less Pain

Are you someone who is:

  • Not excited about giving birth

  • Thinking about the worst-case scenarios

  • Fearful about the labor pain

  • Fearful about the labor pain

After joining the course, you will go from screaming in pain to shouting in joy. You will come out of all the horror stories which you have heard before.

When at the last stage of birth and when you enter into labor and can feel the baby start to move down, many women can become anxious and nervous.

Many even be in doubt that will they be able to get the baby out.

But no matter how you finally give birth, every pregnant mom is a winner and you all deserve that.

When you prepare your mind, you can be resilient, calm, and confident no matter the circumstance.

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Birth Educator What we cover

More about Birth...

Birth doesn’t have to be scary. You are more than capable of having the birth you desire and I’m here to help!

Think for a second about how the media portrays childbirth? Does a mother gentle embrace her belly, telling her husband that labor has begun, with a smile on her face while he runs a bath for her to labor in? Or does the mother appear frantic, running around, calling for help because her water just broke, she’s in pain and immediately needs to get rushed off to the hospital?

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Labour Management Positive Affirmations

Fetal Kick Count Chart

DAD's-to-be Labor Guide

Baby Shopping List

Say Good Bye to the Fear of Labor Pain!

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