New Born care Masterclass
Make your baby care journey ajoyful and stress-freeexperience!

Do you feel fully prepared for the many real-life challenges you may face as a new parent? If not, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that an ill-prepared parent has a higher chance to suffer from lack of sleep, couple disharmony, poor health, stress, and anxiety.

The best way to prevent is to prepare during pregnancy.

The first few months of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby’s development. Learn how early relationships can promote healthy brain development, how young babies build social
and emotional skills, and ways you can support your baby’s growth and development starting from birth.

Get everything you require to confidentially raise your baby covering every aspect of a new born
baby’s life from feeding , sleeping , grooming , Playing , development and many more ….

Do You want us to

  • save you the medical bill from the doctor's visit thinking about what is physically wrong with the baby? You are at the right place?

  • Do you want to handle a fussy baby? We have the best guidance.

  • To Understand and boost your baby's development ? This course is for you.

  • To discover how to calm a crying baby to get the sleep you want? We got you covered.

  • To save your sleep so that you can be as productive and efficient when you are back at work? We have that too !

  • to save you the stress of hearing your baby crying, screaming, shouting and crying murder episodes and don't know what to do? We have the right tips for you!

  • to give you peace of mind that you know you are doing the right thing? We will empower you !

Are you a parent who is still thinking that Feeding and Diapering is all that you need to do with your Newborn?

Then you are totally wrong. There are many things which has to be done with your newborn baby and this course covers everything that’s needed.

You will gain solid knowledge and guidance about :

Through our class, you will be able to…

  • Create a deeper bond with your baby from its early days.

  • Take away the guessing game to quickly and correctly identify your baby’s need.

  • Experience a more harmonious marital relationship.

  • Experience better feeding results.

  • Give your baby better health, comfort, and growth.

  • Have a baby who cry less and settle more easily.

  • Prevent hurting baby due to incorrect handling or accident.

Everything to know for new moms…

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